Collaborative Marketing

Collaborative Medical Marketing is one of the newest means of driving patients to your practice. CMM consists of similarly minded health care professionals working together to benefit all. It is a concerted effort to harness the social networking powers of patients. We help to educate you on CMM, and show how it should be thought of as a long-term benefit that will provide increasing value for your practice.

Rich Media Content

Think of Rich Media as an Internet advertising term for a web page that uses videos and advanced technologies to creatively present a message. Through our back-end programming efforts, we use a body of practices to capture the attention of your potential patients and to keep them interested in your message. All of our media is geared towards educating viewers about you, and turning viewers into new patients.

Web Design Philosophy

We incorporate many different skills, disciplines and technologies in the creation and maintenance of websites and portals. These include interface design; authoring, standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization. We provide a comprehensive approach to web design for Health Care Professionals that is more than just making your site pleasing to the eye.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is "the process of improving the visibility of a website through a search engine's natural or un-paid (organic) search results." Chatterdocs was developed to help you to increase the visibility of your practice through a variety of proven techniques, including the power of social networking. Note: we only use techniques that search engines recommend as part of good web design.

Why Us?

As a Health Care Professionals, you have enough on your plate in the course of providing quality health care to your patients. We realize that most small practices do not have Internet Marketing, PR, Multimedia, and Web Design professionals on staff to attend to the details of having an optimal web presence. Our company provides these resources to you at an affordable price...less than a the price of a cup of coffee per day.

Education is one of the most important ingredients for being successful in a highly competitive market. We help you understand what is necessary to improve your on-line presence, and we educating prospective patients in terms of why you are one of the best choices for them.

Chatterdocs is the newest service from a 17 year old company that has provided award winning solutions including: AXIEM, Calop, Cheta, Communicator, Emmy, and International CINDY Awards.

We look forward to bringing this same level of excellence to your practice.

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