Project Scope

  • Marketing
  • WordPress
  • Responsive
  • Video
  • SEO
4 weeks Launch

The Challenge

Despite being actively involved with various healing modalites for over 2 decades, Heart Center Healing did not have a website; or for that matter, any Internet presence.

The challenge was to convey the warmth and gentle approach to caring that HCH provides.

The Outcome

We created a new website that showcased the Heart Centered Healing's many healing modalities, including a series of videos tho help potential patients understand their New Age approach. The website was designed to be responsive; namely, that it works on iPhones, Smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops and desktops. A warm testimonial feature was added to showcase the extended friends of the Center. In addition, we implemented SEO keywords, descriptions and metadata (and other SEO techniques) to help him in their searh engine rankings.