What is Chatterdocs?

Chatterdocs is comprised of two parts. The first part of Chatterdocs (the "what you see" part when you open the site) is a state-of-the-art Internet portal featuring Health Care Practitioners from South Florida. Chatterdocs is unique in that Health Care Providers are seen and heard, unlike most Internet sites where doctors are merely listed. The second part of Chatterdocs (the part that you do not see) is an advanced Collaborative Medical Marketing engine that is linked to your site and helps you get more patients.

Why should I become a Chatterdoc?

If you're interested in being seen on the Internet and in getting more patients, then you should become a Chatterdoc.

How do I become an "Expert" on the site?

Becoming an expert on our site is easy...as long as you have the right stuff! If you're a Health Care Provider who can explain an area of your expertise in a concise manner, then we would love to feature you...for free! Educating patients is the key to any successfull health care practice and we are sharing the expertise of our Health Care Providers with the public. This allows you to get in front of new patients and to let them see and hear who you are.

Why would visitors come to Chatterdocs?

Chatterdocs not only provides a unique listing of Health Care Professionals in South Florida; but it also provides wonderful medical information. Our experts provide insights into health matters that are easy to uderstand and of great value to visitors.

Do I need to get a new website?

No. If you're satisfied with your current website, then you do not need to get a new one as part of becoming a Chatterdoc.

Do I need to get videos?

No. If you currently have a video, then you do not need a to get one produced by us to be a member of Chatterdocs. Alternatively, you can have your video produced by another company. We only need a great video of you, no matter who produces it. Of course, we think that we can do it better than anyone.

How much does Chatterdocs cost?

Our prices are very affordable and begin with less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day. Click here to see pricing tables.

Still Have Questions?

After reviewing this page and the others on this site, you may find you still have some questions. Don't be afraid to ask questions! After all, obtaining answers to questions is part of the exploration process.

Please contact us at 954.372.1222 or by e-mail: info[at]chatterdocs.info or by sending us a message from our Contact Us page. We are happy to speak with you, in order to answer all of your questions.